About Journal

Journal of Soil Science Society of Iran (JSSSI), an English Language Journal of the Soil Science Society of Iran (SSSI), which publishes basic and applied research in soil biology and biotechnology, soil chemistry and fertility, soil physics and conservation, soil pedology and classification, and hydrology in agricultural, rangeland and pasture, desert, forest, wetlands, and urban settings. JSSSI supports a comprehensive venue for interdisciplinary soil and environmental scientists, agronomists and biogeochemists.

The general editorial policies and practices of Soil Science Society of Iran (SSSI), whose members are elected by the vote of the society members have delegated the responsibilities for review of manuscripts and the production of the JSSSI to the editor-in-chief, editorial board and related committees, and to a full-time staff at the journal office.

The manuscript after the general acceptance will be carried out by the evaluation process of double-blind peer review.

Authors retain the full publishing rights only under any license allowed by the journal.



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