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All contributions are refereed without exception. The authors will be informed if their papers are not accepted or if they need to be revised. The editors reserve the right to edit contributions wherever necessary and to refuse papers that are deemed not in line with current research. Linguistic corrections not affecting the meaning will be made by the editors. The Journal of Soil Science Society of Iran welcomes articles for publication subject to the following conditions:


 The entire manuscripts will be accepted in English.

 Paper submission to this journal is via "electronic submission", containing word and pdf files.

 The article should be typed, using “word” software.

 The texts (including those for tables, graphs, and headings) should be typed with double spaces. Enough margin should be left on either sides of the page and all charts and tables should be numbered.

  The title of the article should be concise but expressive.

  The charts, graphs, and tables must be of good quality so that they can directly be used for print. Every figure should have a numbered caption and every table should have a numbered heading (or title). These must be sufficiently informative.

 The list of references should be in the order in which they are numbered in the article. Each reference must include name of the author, year of publication, title of the article, name of journal, journal volume, and page number.

  In case the article has not been published yet, the institution which has pre-published the article should be mentioned together with the prepublication number.

 Every manuscript should be accompanied by the following information in English: the title, the authors, the institute sponsoring the research, the abstract and at most six keywords.

For prerequisite file, please attach a Word file of your article.

   All the published articles in this journal are full text accessible from: http://jsssi.iut.ac.ir

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