How to register in the system and send our articles?

To register, please follow the link: https://jsssi.iut.ac.ir/contacts

For submitting a manuscript, please look at the "Authors Guide" section: https://jsssi.iut.ac.ir/journal/authors

What is the access policy to the articles in this publication?

The Journal is: Open access

How to submit an article to a journal?

It is possible to send the articles to the journal through the electronic system of this journal at the address: https://jsssi.iut.ac.ir/journal/authors

What are the necessary conditions for the preparation and final editing of articles to be sent to the journal?

To prepare the article and finalize it for submission to the journal, please refer to the "Authors Guide". It is necessary to follow all the tips and guidelines in this guide.

What policy will be followed if the principles and rules of the publication are not followed in the final compilation?

In case of non-observance of the points reflected in the "Guidelines for Authors" section, the article will not be reviewed by the journal office and the board of reviewers and will be returned to the author for corrections.

How long does it take to review an article?

It depends to the Reviewers response, but not more than a month.

How is the process of evaluating articles?

First, the article is presented to the Editor for determining the referees, then sent to the referees. If the initial referees answer positively, it is sent to the author for corrections, and after receiving the corrections, the manuscript will be sent to the final referee. If the answer is positive, it is placed in the print list.

Will scientific notes and short articles be accepted in the journal?

The journal accepts original, review, case study, practical, scientific notes, short articles and also promotional research articles

What will the journal do in case of plagiarism?

Due to the high sensitivity of the journal to plagiarism, if the percentage of identification with the iThenticate software exceeds 10-15%, the article will be returned to the author for correction.

Who is responsible for sending and following up on the article?

The corresponding author (faculty member) of the article is responsible for submitting the article and is also responsible for following the subsequent requests of the publication. She/he should take responsibility for all matters and follow the process of reviewing the article.

How to track the article sent?

a) Refer to the user profile.

b) Email to the journal office.


My article is assigned in the system as “complete the review”, what does it mean?

If the article is in the initial or final stage, it means that the referee's answer has been received and will be sent via email. Please do not contact the journal office because the answer will be announced as soon as possible.

Is it mandatory to complete and sign the copyright and conflict of interest form?

It is necessary to complete the copyright form for the publication by the author of the article, and it is also necessary to sign this form for all the authors involved in writing the article. The corresponding author of the article is obliged to prepare the text according to the format of the journal and send it to the signatures of all the authors of the article. Also, the conflict of interest form must be completed by the corresponding author and uploaded after signing.

How is the acceptance letter issued?

After the acceptance of the article, the mentioned letter is uploaded in the article file or sent to the corresponding author via email.

Does the publication have a payment fee?

 No charging fee is required.

What to do if you forget your password?

To get a new password, go to the forgotten password section on the site:


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